Why do funeral directors use Director Resources?

You want to provide families you serve with the ability to honor their loved ones with the financial options that best fit their needs while keeping your business sound.
You are paying overhead, employees, inventory, rolling stock, etc. and understand cash flow is vital to the success of your business.
Because you realize its important that the families you serve should be able to choose a service without worrying about a single, large financial commitment.

Creative solutions to enhance the profitability of your Funeral Home.

Director Resources provides a variety of services to help make the business side of operating a funeral home run smoothly while expanding the suite of services you provide to your clients.

Provides families with purchasing power to honor a loved one in the desired, meaningful manner.
No Cost, No Investment, No Inventory, 100’s choices, Free Kiosk
Apply science to dramatically increase your average transaction value.
Earn 100% of Your Revenue, Eliminate your processing fees, Stop paying to accept credit cards.

Professional Presentations,  Eliminate Your Inventory, Save Money and Space, Increase Transaction Value.

The process of assigning your accounts receivable to receive partial funding prior to receiving payment from families.


Contacting Director Resources will prove to be the most important thing you can do for your business.

Director Resources is committed to providing a unique suite of
services to maximize cash flow and profitability for Funeral Service Professionals.

Learn how we can greatly improve your business by funding the families you serve. At no cost to you.​


Call for a free consultation.

You as well as the families you serve will be glad you did…

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