Why do funeral directors use Director Resources?

Creative solutions to enhance the profitability of your funeral home

Director Resources provides a variety of services to help make the business side of operating a funeral home run smoothly while expanding the suite of services you provide to your clients.


Contacting Director Resources will prove to be the most important thing you can do for your business.

Director Resources is committed to providing a unique suite of
services to maximize cash flow and profitability for Funeral Service Professionals.

Learn how we can greatly improve your business by funding the families you serve. At no cost to you.​


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Our focus is to help your business grow, to become more profitable
so that you may operate a stable, financially-sound funeral home.



Are you providing the financial means to enable families to select a dignified service to honor a loved one? We have an answer.
Should you be accepting life insurance assignments? Should you? We can accept assignments and pay you prior to the services. We have an answer.
What if you could make a lasting impression in your community to all people who make memorial contributions to not just charities but towards final expenses? We have an answer.